Looking for an App that allows me to show different customized homepage based on Geo-locations.

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I am targeting specific products for specific countries. So I would like to use any app that can allow me to maybe use a different copy of my theme or customized home page version that loads based on different geo-locations. 

The reason for this is because on my home page, I would like to change the products and category banners that are shown for specific markets. 

Right now I could hide products using a geo-location app, but this does not resolve my homepage (landing page) issue where I would like to have a completely different set of banners and products showing based on geo-location too. 

A/B testing apps seems to have some limits too when I read up on it. So I do not want to dive into any complicated apps without getting some feedback from others first. 




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Hi there are two solutions you may consider using IP geolocation tools. One is you could dynamically display content based on your visitors locations use tools like Geo Content. It can help you alter almost any content, like images, banners, texts, products etc. based on your visitors' specific markets. You can set up location-specific content using its built-in HTML and set up rules for individual markets. 

Another solution is to redirect visitors to different URLs. You can duplicate page with location-variant content serving multiple URLs. For example, with Geo Redirect tool, you can set up locations rules and redirecting visitors to correct URLs. The tool detects your visitors locations based on their IPs and auto route your visitors. The redirecting is easy to create, but you need to manage multiple versions of webpages requiring extra efforts. 

Both tools support Shopify platform. However, one more thing to point out, when you target visitors among multiple regional markets, it's important to use Hreflang tag to tell google your multi-regional site structure. Otherwise, it may violate the google penalty of duplicate content as you have multiple versions of webpage with slight variants and impact your SEO. If you are interested about more details, you may read the post: https://geotargetly.com/hreflang-seo-guide-for-multilingual-regional-websites

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Hey @seommedia, I know this questions was from a while ago, but we just launched an app on the Shopify Marketplace called Context that does exactly this (and much more).


Context allows you to change your storefront’s banners, images and marketing messages to reflect your customer’s current location, date, weather, campaign parameters (UTM), customer segments, and more. It sounds like the UTM campaign parameters and/or location would be the best fit for what you're trying to do though.


When visitors land on your page from a specific location or a specific UTM tagged URL you can display content that is specific to them.


For example, you could display a specific hero banner to visitors coming from Toronto, while visitors from Vancouver will something completely different. It all happens in real-time.


We’ve launched with the following rules:

  1. 🛒 Customer segments (Display to a specific customer segment based on authentication)
  2. 🏷️ UTM parameters (Display variation based on specific campaign parameters)
  3. 📅 Date Range (Display variation during a specific time frame)
  4. 🌎 Geo Location (Display to customers from a specific location - down to the city level)
  5. 🌤 Weather (Display when the weather is, or is going to be "X" for the customer)
  6. Many more to come

All of these rules can be combined with each other too. For example you may want to display a promotion to customers from Denver, Colorado (location rule) between a certain timeframe (date range rule) OR show a promotion to visitors from Seattle, Washington (location rule), when the rain is forecasted in the next 7 days (weather rule).


The customizations can be very powerful.


Again, I know this post was from a while ago. Hopefully you're still interested in pursuing this type of personalization.