Looking for an app that calculates loyalty points without having a pop-up widget

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Hello Shopify community,


I am looking for an app that supports and calculates loyalty points for my customers without having a pop-up menu on website. Perhaps something that looks like this instead https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-75-4k-uhd-hdr-led-smart-tv-android-tv-series-9-rt9220/ of the usual pop-up menus I have seen from the few most installed loyalty points app available to shopify.


Many thanks!

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Hi @leejr0216 


As far as I'm concerned, Shopify reward apps always have a widget on the corner of your site, and when visitor clicks it, it will pop a small menu. We need a menu to show the reward policy and the terms. For example like this, you can check it out!




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Hi @leejr0216,

Beside the widget Mipha Loyalty & Rewards offers, you can also get most of the data that is related to your loyalty program with the use of Metafields. Below this post you find an example code snippet for Mipha Loyalty & Rewards of how you could display the amount of loyalty points your customer can earn by buying a certain product.

{% if shop.metafields.mipha_loyalty.collect_settings.value.purchases.setting_active %}
    {{ product.price | money_without_currency | times: shop.metafields.mipha_loyalty.collect_settings.value.purchases.setting_points }}
    {{ shop.metafields.mipha_loyalty.general_settings.value.points_name }}
{% endif %}


This will result in the following:

Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 18.02.09.png

If you need any help, please let me know 🙂

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Hey there!

I'm Hila from the Rise.ai team 🙂 


I just wanted to let you know that we offer a rewards program with no need of a widget! We use store credit rewards that are super straightforward and easy, so no need for a widget 🙂 


Visit our app page to learn more and get in touch with us!