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Looking for an app that can simply show me all the unfulfilled products due

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I need to simply see a summary of how many items need to be ordered based on quantity of product unfulfilled. I have 9 main skus and i need to be able to see
1. Product 1 - 400 unfulfilled    

2. Product 2 - 350 unfulfilled

3. Product 3 - 50 unfulfilled

We do not use inventory, so an app would be greatly appreciated. 


What we do not want is an app that just shows line items of every sale that we have to put onto a spreadsheet and figure out the number of items needed. We can do that with shopify export and excel. 



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Hi - if you are still looking for a solution, can you ping me? There are a couple options to provide this information.






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Please check out our inventory app ReplenishMe. I think we may be bigger than what you are looking for but do let us know if the app is of interest to your needs and we can arrange a time to show you how it could work for you.

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Vince - ReplenishMe