Looking for an App that handles rewards and subscriptions

Looking for an App that handles rewards and subscriptions

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I would like to find an app (most affordable) that will allow me to offer my customers rewards as well as allow them to subscribe to different tiers of rewards. Example. I want to offer 2 tiers where a customer can choose to pay $10/month and get 10% off year. Or choose tier 2 where they pay $20/month for 20% off and double points all year. Is there an app that give rewards and set up subscriptions for vip reward tiers?


What my best way of going about this? Im currently using Smile i like like the app but its $200 a month to offer tiers but i dont think i can set up subscriptions through it

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Hi @BossBee,

For an affordable long-term solution, building a custom app could be the most cost-effective approach. While there may be an initial cost for development, a custom app tailored to your specific needs for tiered rewards and subscriptions can be more economical over time compared to monthly subscription fees of existing apps.

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Hi @BossBee ,

There are several affordable Shopify apps that offer tiered rewards and subscription features. You can consider your budget and the number of subscribers you expect:

  •  Seal Subscriptions: Price: Free plan for up to 150 subscriptions, paid plans start at $19.99/month. 
  • Appstle Subscriptions: Price: Free plan for up to 50 subscribers, paid plans start at $19/month. Affordable paid plans, good feature set, 24/7 support.
  • Rise.ai: Price: Free plan for up to 100 subscribers, paid plans start at $29/month.

Hope it helps,

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Hi did you find an app that could do this?




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Hi @BossBee,


Henry from Seal Subscriptions here 🙂

Our app should achieve exactly what wrote about.

You should be able to create multiple subscription tiers (subscription rules) with different discounts and delivery intervals. We also have a loyalty feature, that lets you create loyalty discounts for recurring customers.


We feature a free plan that should allow up to 150 subscriptions.

Our paid plans start from 4.95 USD / month.


If you are interested and have any questions, please feel free to email us at: help@sealsubscriptions.com

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