Looking for an app to add custom names to products that shows a live product preview.

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I am looking for an app that allows customers to add a name to a tshirt. The tshirt will have a design on it already, but the name field will be customizable. The font and placement will stay the same, only the text itself will change. I am having trouble finding an app that does this and also shows a live product preview with their customized name.

Can someone please point me in the direction of an app that can do this? Or is this something that will require custom code and therefor require hiring an expert? 

Thanks in advance!


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Yes I can do it for you

Check here demo



If you have any questions please feel free to ask me




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You want to look on the app store for 'product personalization' , 'product options', or 'product builder' , etc.


I can certainly be done with a theme customization  but on-product previews of decent fidelity can be a tricky  & expensive business to get right , better handled by a dedicated app until your established and need something not available off the shelf from the app store.

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Hi @momalley,


I'm Richard - CRO Expert at PageFly Landing Page Builder. Welcome to Shopify Community!


Regarding this, you can refer to some print-on-demand apps such as EPROLO POD, SPOD, etc These apps are friendly customizer and users could see the preview of their customized name. 


I hope my answer will be helpful to you and hope you will find the best one for your store. 


Best of luck!

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Hello @momalley,

Hope you are doing well.

Hope this app can help you out with adding text to the product and show live preview to your customers: https://apps.shopify.com/live-product-options

iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell App

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Hey, @momalley 


There is a great app called Product Personalizer by Zepto Apps that accomplishes exactly what you are looking for. They feature a live customization view so you can see the text changes as you edit the text fields. Feel free to take a look at their free app demo to see it in action.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hello @Momalley

Have you got your solution?  

INKYBAY can be the solution to these requirements. It has the feature where you can let your customers design the way they want. They can add their preferred text, change the color of that text and move the text and set on the area they want to keep the text. They can see the added text live and fix it if they want.


The app is loaded with features like image upload, clipart, product option, predefined template, and many more. It also has its own inventory management system.


Also, you can use an extra price for each of the changes if you want. The good thing about this app is while customization your customer can see the price change live. It will help them with their budget also.


Have a look at this DEMO product. Here if you click on the “ADD TEXT” button, you will be able to add your preferred text and change the color as per your requirements and can change the position as well. If you don't want to offer other buttons on the design lab you can disable the other options as well. Also, you can hide those buttons.


This INKYBAY app has a lot more features to explore. The best part about this app is the customer support. You can definitely give it a try by using its 21 Days free trial.


Inkybay Add text (T-Shirt customization)Inkybay Add text (T-Shirt customization)


Marvic | EFOLI
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