Looking for an app to auto update inventory on order status

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Hi All,

First time poster, I hope I am in the right section.

I am helping my girlfriend with her store and in need of a "specific" app for the service she supplies.

Due to handmade products we are hoping to set the stock limit to 5 at a time so she isn't overwhelmed and can fulfill orders timely. Upon a purchase the stock decreases to 4 and so forth. After the product is delivered I would like it automatically update the stock by 1.

Essentially I'm trying to automate quantity updating by order status. I have played around with programming before but not 100% sure where to start if I were to create one myself (using webhooks?). Or if anybody has seen a solution like this, I would appreciate if I could be pointed in the right direction to save myself time of "attempting" to create one.

Worst case scenario we just manually update ourselves. Which isn't a big deal, I just like automation.

Thank you for your time!


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script it with a app for shopify automation,  there's usemechanic though they don't have premade script for this scenario as it's a bit odd to increase inventory based on inventory being delivered.

So you'd want to find the different logic pieces to synthesize a solution

https://tasks.mechanic.dev/?q=order%20status + https://tasks.mechanic.dev/?q=update%20inventory 


It does have premade tasks for limiting sales , such as https://tasks.mechanic.dev/reset-inventory-levels-daily 

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Hey @fergieman92

Interesting use case! If you're into automation, I think you'll be able to pick up Parabola.io pretty quickly. I mocked up a flow for you below to outline an approach to building this in Parabola – here's an overview of the steps: 

1) Pull in orders marked as 'Shipped' from the past 2 weeks (if it takes longer than 2 weeks from when the order is placed until the order is shipped, we can extend this range)

2) This flow sends 2 pieces of data to Shopify: the updated inventory quantity, and an order tag. Once we replenish inventory for a shipped order, we can add an "Inventory Updated" tag to make it easy to track which orders have already been replenished. So in this filter step, we remove orders that have the "Inventory Updated" tag, meaning we are only looking at recently shipped, un-replenished orders.

3) Here, we just insert a column with the value "Inventory Updated" to tag the orders in the next step

4A) Update the product with the quantity from the order (so if 2 items are shipped, inventory is increased by 2)

4B) Tag orders in Shopify

5) Finally, you can set this flow to run on a recurring schedule, either once per day or hourly to maintain up-to-date available inventory levels 

This flow would require you to make sure that you have a process for marking orders as "Shipped" – "Delivered" is not an available Shopify fulfillment option.

If you'd like to connect your Shopify store and explore this flow yourself, you can create your own copy of the flow through this link. By the way, I do work at Parabola and frequently help customers set up use cases similar to this one here. Feel free to shoot us an email at support@parabola.io if you'd like to jump on a call and work on this flow together! We have a team of Shopify automation experts ready to help. 

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Our app optimizes inventory management while improving cart conversion, profitability, and ESG performance. It is free and easy to install.  Please let me know if this is of interest to you to arrange a short meeting. Cheers!!!