Looking for an App to move products to specific collections based on keywords.

Looking for an App to move products to specific collections based on keywords.

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I will regularly be brining in new products from my supplier, from their, "new arrivals" category and placing them into my "What's New" collection. This will be an ongoing process.


I'll looking for an app that can look for keywords in the product description and move that product to another collection that I specify for the keyword. So if the product has the word Cardigan in it, that product would be moved to my Cardigans collection. 



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Generally attempt to use tags to aid organization, when possible avoid using words in product descriptions in conditional logic as it is too easy to get false positives or false negatives. i.e. 

if description contains "new" will match "renewal"


Either use an automated collection



or use shopify flow's trigger product-added-to-store for the add-product-to-collections action



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