Looking for an app where people can have MULTIPLE wishlists

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I'm trying to find a wishlist app where users can create multiple wishlists under one account. (For example wishlists broken down by seasons, or "things to buy" and "things I'd like" etc etc.)

I get a little overwhelmed when looking through the app store and it becomes a huge time suck looking for something this specific so hoping someone has/uses/can recommend one.


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Hi @orangeumbrella 
You can use this app for multiple wishlists

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Hi, might be it will help for your customers: https://apps.shopify.com/wishlist-with-multi-category

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The one in my signature, Customer Accounts, has a Wishlist plugin. The Advanced plan includes multiple lists with no list limits, along with other features.


The app also has other customer tools: loyalty, custom forms, social login, account page, integrations. All-in-one

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First Wish allows customers to create "Boards" which are curated wishlists they can share or simply use them to organize their lists into categories.


The cool thing about it is that it doesn't require customers to create an account to use it.


If you have any questions about it let me know.

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