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Looking for an auto tag app? Maybe?

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Hi everyone

I need help to find an app or just solving my problem and was hoping someone could point me in the correct direction.

I need an app that constantly looks at the collections attached to a product and replicates them in the products tags field.

My theme (Wokiee) needs the product tags and the product collections to match. If they do not match, then the product will not show up in the collection.  

I use Channel Advisor to push my product information over to Shopify using metafields every hour. My products have a tag metafield in Channel Advisor with a value of NO COLLECTION that sends over to Shopify as a tag. This way I can look up products with the tag NO COLLECTION in Shopify and add the correct collections and tags.

So here is my problem.

Once I add my collections and tags to a product in Shopify if I don’t go into Channel Advisor and remove the tag NO COLLECTIONS on the product, Channel Advisor will delete all the tags in Shopify and add back NO COLLECTIONS as a tag the next time it updates Shopify.

Therefore, I need to have a way to keep matching my tags to my collections. Or maybe find a way to make it so my Theme does not need tags?

I can keep doing this by hand but I have over 3k products so it can be very time-consuming.

Thank you for any help

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We may be able to help you but need to understand your use case a bit more.

You can see how our app works

If you think this might work, please reach out to



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Hello @Dejammey 

Did you eventually find an ideal solution to this problem?  If you still need help I'll be happy to automate the process for you. 

Feel free to email me at to discuss further.



Malik Mahmud

Shopify Partner
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Maybe look into using Zapier or Integromat to automate this process. They both have shopify webhooks that trigger when a collection or product is updated, as well as instructions on setting them up, and free/cheap plans depending on how much usage. Or, as mentioned you could run this process each hour.

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Hello @Dejammey 

I'm the founder of Leap Apps and we've recently launched an app, Tag Automation that helps merchants tag orders, products, and customers automatically based on rules. I'd like to discuss your requirement in more detail and see if Tag Automation can solve it for you. You can contact me by emailing

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Did you end up resolving this issue?

Sounds like you need a very flexible automation solution that can integrate both Shopify and Channel and express the exact business logic for your problem.

We recently released an automation platform called Shypyard:

it is a developer friendly automation platform so it can pretty do any automation you can imagine, which is what most automation solutions that uses drag-and-drop interface cannot achieve. 

Your problem is quite unique and if you are interested, we are happy to assist and set up the automation for you. Let us know know by reaching out at