Looking for an expert to help find a solution for pre-order/lay-a-way

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Hello all,  

Apologies if this is not the appropriate board for posting this, but have been all over and have not yet found a solution.

I am looking for someone to help me allow the following in my store:

1.  Allow some of my products to be on "pre-order" or "lay-a-way" meaning the customer will not receive the product until a certain date.  In this case, we are taking preorders for swimming pools that will be shipped out Spring 2022.  
2.  I want to be able to easily change/add which products are available for this.
3.  I want to set an amount the customer will pay up front (percentage).
4.  I need the rest of the purchase price to be evenly split up between the remaining months.
5.  The customer's card is either saved and auto-charged each month or sent an email with a checkout link for that month's payment amount.
The store address is www.poolnationusa.com - if you look at one of the pool products, you will see that there are many, many add-on options to build a custom pool package.  The total order price will most likely vary greatly among orders depending on what the customer chooses to add on.
I have posted this job on the Shopify Experts board and haven't gotten any responses.  I've also emailed developers of other "pre-order" apps in the marketplace to ask whether their app could be customized to my needs but that hasn't panned out either.  Is this something that is even possible? Or does anyone have a work around solution that could help me?  I have read some articles about Shopify POS that seem like it is possible with the in-store system, but I need this to be functional in my online store.  Thanks! 
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Hi @DiscountDale,

From what you mentioned, I think you need to use 2 separated apps, 1 for Pre-order and 1 for Installment payment.

First, for Pre-order, you can consider using Vitals (with 40+ other features including Pre-order) or Pre-Order Now app - you can manage which product is available for pre-order and add shipping info on your product page, both apps offer that features.

For Installment payment, you can use this app Installment Recurring Payments or 3rd-party service like Afterpay or Klarna, but they're only available in some countries.

I don't think there is any app can do all of what you listed, but combine this 2 kind of apps might help you sort things out.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the reply!  I think I found an App that can do everything I need.  I'm still testing it, but it's looking pretty good right now.   Deposits & Split Payments-Depo by SidePanda