Looking for an In Store Order Fulfillment App

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We are looking for a fulfillment app that would be used only to replenish what was physically sold in our store. Like an ordering ticketing system a restaurant would use to know what dishes to put out. All the fulfillment apps I've found are for handling the shipment of orders. 

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Hi there @specialkyo,

For in-store orders, I would suggest using POS management app, this one ConnectPOS app allows you to manage both online and offline orders, sync with store inventory, plus you can do refund, etc there.

Payment could be by cash or card, gift cards, 3rd-party payment providers.

Hope that's what you looking for.



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DropshippingLite APP connects your store to the website. The system automatically obtains orders every day and locks products for automatic processing and Automatically auto the logistics tracking number. Save a lot of time, Account wallet, Multi-Store, Invoice


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You may want to check out SKUSavvy which offers the depletion and replenishment of inventory throughout your warehouse. 

It connects directly with your Shopify store and as orders come through it will pull the inventory out of your physical available inventory. 

Of course, you can use the system for automated purchasing, inventory allocation, pick-pack-ship, and fulfillment. 

The first account is free so give it a try, and it will run on any mobile device or computer so you're good there too and it won't require any additional scanning hardware since the camera is used to scan barcodes. 


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