Looking for an Inventory Scheduling App

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I am looking for an inventory scheduling app. 

For example, I want to pre-schedule a drop/ restock at 10:00 PST on Monday 5/25/20 for x, x, and x product. 

Is there any apps that can do this?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi @gudes ,


Welcome to the community! 


It all depends on how you order from your vendors/suppliers and how you keep track of inventory. If you're working with Purchase Orders than start here:




If your vendor accepts electronic orders than perhaps an integration could be made to automate ordering new inventory. My advice is search https://apps.shopify.com and give this post some time someone who's already made this might reply. It is possible since Shopify apps are hosted outside of Shopify which the possibilities are endless.





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Hello Sam, 

Thanks for the response. 

We are the supplier/ vendor. We make our products in house and have "drops" every Monday at 11 am PST. Our problem is that we can not restock every product we want at the same time. It always ends up that 5 products restock at 11:00 am and a couple other ones trickle in after that time (11:05, 11:08, etc).

I want an app where we can schedule the drops by selecting which products will be restocked this particular Monday at 11:00am so when the time comes, we do not have to do anything because they will automatically be restocked.

I have been browsing the app store, but have not found any apps that run like this. 


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Following this thread.

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you can try Inventoro. See details here

Inventoro has sales forecasting, product segmentation and automatic inventory management and replenishment. And 14 days free trial.


If you have any question feel free to ask me.


Tomas Formanek
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I have the same exact issue! I find myself manually restocking products, it'd be so much easier if you could put the quantities in beforehand for them to be scheduled to go live all at the same time. 

If you've since solved this issue please let me know how! 🙂

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I'm looking for the same thing!

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Basically you want the ability to select your SKU and enter a quantity and restock date/time. It would be a relatively simply process. The main issue is whether you add stock to current stock or replace it with your new restock amounts. How specific a time frame are people looking for as we could implement something like this into our product data management app but there might be a short delay before the process completes.



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