Looking for an order fulfillment app that does this....

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Can anyone recommend an app that will display a list of orders with items in stock and ready to ship.


Our store offers both in-stock and special order items.  Rather than clicking on each order individually we are looking for an app that will show us a list of orders immediately ready to ship.


Any suggestions? 

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This sounds like something you'd need a custom app for, since you would need a custom UI to show the type of orders you're wanting to filter. If you don't find a solution and are interested in a custom app feel free to reach out at https://orderautomator.com/contact. We build Shopify apps + custom solutions.


Another idea, you could use order tags to organize your orders, and then filter by tag when you're ready to ship stuff.


For example, any order that's ready to ship, have a tag "Ready to ship", then in the all orders page in Shopify filter by that tag (and bookmark the url for future use). If you want to automate the order tagging, that same contact link above is for a Shopify order automation app, should be able to help you out.

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