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Looking for an ORDER TRACKING UP for Store Admins

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I'm looking for an app that would automatically Track an order to notify me (Store admin) - not customers. 


I opened a new PayPal account, and every payment I receive stays on hold until I add the tracking details. I want to stay up to date on tracking orders on hold so I was wondering if there is an app that:

  • Automatically tracks an order, after I manually update it on Shopify order fulfillment.
  • Notifies me once the order is delivered to the customer. 

Right now, I manually input all trackings for myself on other tracking apps , and it's hectic doing that 40 times a day. 

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Shopify Partner
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Hi Majj, 

I think i know just the app that you need.

Synctrack have all the feature you are looking for 

Automatically sync order tracking codes 
Display order status on clear dashboard
What is more, the customer service of this app is top-notch, even when i was still on free plan.