Looking for an widget that converts Recipe webpage into PDF Template for people to download

Looking for an widget that converts Recipe webpage into PDF Template for people to download

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Hi there first post


I am looking for a widget/app for our recipe webpages to convert them into PDF templates which people can download. The recipes webpages have most of the information, i.e. introduction, method, ingredients, measurements and images. 


I would like a simple process for someone visiting our recipe webpage to click a button and download the recipe in a pdf template with the same information from the webpage. Another feature we want is a system where they could put their email into a field and have it emailed to them.


We want the system automated so when we put recipes on the website we don't have to create a pdf manually, the app/widget will do the work.


We have Klaviyo for email sending but its creating the pdf which is the issue, we have over 300 recipes and put up 2 or 3 a week depending on the season. 


Thank you in advance.

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First off, simply printing the page from the browser allows the user to print to PDF, so that is the easiest route; just requires your user to know what to click.


That method in combination with a dedicated recipe card app (like mine, Recipe Kit) makes the printable recipe look a bit better than the default page printing too.


If you try Recipe Kit, send me an email and we can figure a solution out 🙂

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Hi Patrick


Thanks for reaching out, could you give me a few links to sites using Recipe Kit? 

Also, while the easy of printing the page would be easy, what we want is a system to store them into PDF as well, so it's an all in one solution for recipes. When would be a good time to talk?