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looking for app to help with payments to charities/artists

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We're after something to help us manage payments (based on number of sales of specific product) to both charities and individual artists.

Product A, x amount from each sale goes to A Charity.
Product B, % from each sale goes to Original Artist.

charities and artists will be different for each product involved so need to be able to specify per product.

ideally something that can manage making the actual payments too, so the whole thing happens automatically.



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Yes this is possible Using the Shopify API and also payment can be automated depending on payment gateway we could use.

Happy to assist : Drop me Email



Shopify Partner
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HI @Scruff_PRSC  responding a little late to this. If you are still looking for a product - Pledger can do exectly that  - you can apply different causes to collections of items. The only catch is that its currently only servicing stores selling to UK / selling in GBP currency. I know there are plans to extend offering to other currencies - might be worth asking re timeframes for new currencies -