Looking for app which can provide customers information about their production progress

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Hey community,


First of all forgive me if i make any mistakes on what i am writing. So the case is this, we have a production line and we want after customer made his order to see in which step are the products that he ordered. I made a research but i didn't found anything particular. Do you have any suggestion?


Thank you in advance

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Are you always using the same company for shipment? The company you use should provide you with the Shopify app to do this, like this one from DHL https://apps.shopify.com/dhl-parcel-2

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Hi @manosmstr07 ,


It sounds like you're looking for a solution to provide your customers with detailed visibility into the status of their orders as they move through your production line.


I operate an app called Order Status Pro, might be just what you need. It allows you to create custom order statuses that correspond with each step in your production process. As the status changes, automatic email notifications are sent to customers, keeping them informed about the current stage of their order.


Additionally, we have a handy Order Lookup Page (see screenshot below) feature that enables customers to track the progress of their orders themselves, further reducing the need for customer inquiries.


Feel free to check out the app and let me know if you have any further questions.