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Looking for drop shipping automation solutions

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Hey guys, hoping someone can help me out with an app recommendation that solves the following problem for websites that dropship my products:


1. Third party shopify stores receives order for my product on their website

2. API calls my shopify store to make the order with me

3.  My shopify store can fulfill the the end user

4.  My store gets paid automatically by the third party merchant

5. Everything is done automatically





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Hi, my app Simple Purchase Orders can definitely meet your shop's needs. It allows you to set up suppliers and import products and set cost prices. You can then automatically generate purchase orders from orders your customers make and it will import all of the items they order and their address and email it to your supplier. It can also handle splitting orders into multiple POs where the items have different suppliers. This should help you reduce time spent fulfilling orders and eliminate mistakes.

Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions

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Hey @owendaly 

Have you considered hiring any virtual assistants yet? It seems that you want everything automated at the moment but at a certain point most of these automated supply chain fufillment softwares typically go by the order/volume, so eventually it gets extremely expensive. As if you had a virtual assistant, or a set of them, the price is much less volatile and more stable. The same goes on the fulfillment end. You want a shipping software that is essentially seamless and can give your customers their items ASAP while also saving you money. Below, there's a link to an article that gives more details on that but of course, one step at a time 😉

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Hi @owendaly 

You can do these things with Syncee:

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