Looking for eBay inventory app recommendations

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Does anyone selling on both Shopify and eBay have any apps they recommend for syncing inventory between the two platforms? I don't mind paid apps as long as they perform in the desired manner and that there is a free trial period or plan to test the app out.


Functions I'm looking for:

(1) Link/match Shopify listing to existing eBay listing

(2) Ability to create eBay listing from Shopify listing + add markup to eBay product prices to account for eBay's higher fees

(3) Inventory sync between Shopify and eBay (preferably link via SKU)


I'm currently using the CedCommerce eBay app (free plan), but this seems to work better with the 2nd function. I am looking at Shopify Marketplace Connect app as well, but I don't want to add two similarly functioning apps in my store in case inventory is adjusted twice across the two apps.


Any experience with these two apps or any app recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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Joy V here from Shopify Marketplace Connect. 


Once you've made the choice to embrace the Shopify Marketplace Connect app, you won't need to juggle multiple applications anymore. This all-in-one solution seamlessly provides all the functionalities you require. With Marketplace Connect, you gain the ability to effortlessly link your existing eBay listings with your Shopify products, streamlining the management process.


Once listings are linked, your Shopify inventory will then be the source of truth of the app. This intelligent connection ensures that your Shopify inventory is automatically synchronized with your eBay listings, eliminating discrepancies and enhancing efficiency.


Furthermore, this app empowers you to effortlessly generate new eBay listings and apply bulk price adjustments, directly from the app's listings page. This feature enables you to set distinct eBay prices, allowing you to tailor your pricing strategy to the eBay marketplace while maintaining consistency within your Shopify store prices.


If you have further questions/concerns about the Marketplace Connect app, feel free to contact our 24/7 support team by clicking on the Support button found at the lower-right portion of the app or any of the help articles, or by sending an email to marketplace-connect@shopify.com.