Looking for Feedback: Exciting New AI Features for Sales and Product Analytics in BIPEYE!

Looking for Feedback: Exciting New AI Features for Sales and Product Analytics in BIPEYE!

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Hi Shopify Community,


I’m thrilled to share that we are planning to introduce some cutting-edge AI features to our existing Shopify app, BIPEYE Orders Analytics. Currently, when installing our app it creates a dashboard with historical data and providing advanced drill-down capabilities per product. We also offer valuable insights over time on metrics such as refund ratios and sales revenue.


We’re keen to enhance our app further and would love your input! Are you looking for AI features related to sales and product analytics? What kind of AI-powered insights or tools would help you manage your store more effectively?


Here are some of the areas we’re considering:


  • Predictive analytics to forecast sales and inventory needs
  • AI-driven product recommendations
  • Advanced refund and return predictions
  • Dynamic pricing suggestions based on market trends

Your feedback is crucial in helping us build the most useful and innovative tools. Please share your thoughts and let us know what AI features you would like to see in our app!


Thank you for your time and input!


Best regards,



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Hi @Oron .

Thanks for reaching out to the community with your question. This is MooseDesk - An ideal Helpdesk Solution that aligns perfectly with your Start-up.


Congratulations, Oron! It's fantastic to hear about the upcoming AI features for BIPEYE Orders Analytics. Enhancing your app with cutting-edge AI capabilities sounds like a great step forward.


Regarding the AI features you're considering, here are a few thoughts and suggestions:


  • Predictive Analytics to Forecast Sales and Inventory Needs: This would be incredibly valuable for planning and optimizing inventory, ensuring we have the right products in stock without overstocking.
  • AI-Driven Product Recommendations: Personalized recommendations could boost sales and enhance customer experience by suggesting products that align with their preferences and buying behavior.
  • Advanced Refund and Return Predictions: This feature could help identify patterns and reduce the rate of returns, improving overall customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
  • Dynamic Pricing Suggestions Based on Market Trends: Real-time pricing adjustments based on market trends and demand could maximize revenue and keep us competitive.

These AI-powered insights and tools would be immensely helpful in managing store more effectively. Thank you for seeking our input and for your dedication to continuous improvement.


Looking forward to seeing these exciting new features in action! 😍


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Best regards,

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Thank you for your feedback. And I'm sure that we will work together in the coming future.