Looking for feedback on our new GPT4 powered AI Shopify App in exchange for free access!

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Hey team!
In two weeks we launch GPTcommerce, an AI GPT4 powered Shopify app that provides 24/7 customer support and ultimately boost sales. We’re looking for Shopify merchants who would be happy to provide some feedback on our product in exchange for free access to the app. We’d really appreciate the data & feedback in order to further improve our product.
Here’s what it does:
  • Automated, accurate customer service: AI is automatically trained on all your website content, all the product descriptions, FAQs, shipping info etc. to provide help 24/7. AND it will say it doesn’t know the answer if you don’t have that information available on the website - so no false answers (we all know how imaginative GPT can be), instead that will be where it suggests getting in contact with you.
  • Engaging & personalised content: Using GPT4, the AI will generate natural responses personalised to each unique customer.
  • Embedded on the product pages to help customers follow through with purchase so it's totally streamlined with no pop-up widgets moving customers away from the add-to-cart button.
  • Helps to sell the product by generating an influential sales pitch to the customer as to why they should consider the product, and importantly lets them ask further questions so that you as the merchant don’t have to
  • Zero code setup - fully plug and play.
How we believe this product could help Shopify merchants:
  • Reduce the number of enquiries that come through to merchants 
  • Reduce cart abandonment by engaging with customers as they shop and providing quick answers when they need them
  • Personal sales assistant - customers will be able to ask question about the specific product they’re looking at right there on the product page
  • Data will provide insights into the customer’s voice
To be one of the first users & test our app on your Shopify store, simply reply to this post or sign up via the forum at the bottom of our webpage. Alternatively email us at info@clevertar.com. Be the first to experience the benefits of AI-powered natural language customer support tools.
We can’t wait to learn from your experience using our app for free.
Thank you so much for your help!
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UPDATE 8/06: Our Shopify app has undertaken a rebrand ahead of it's release. Our new name is Conversagent. All of the above still applies & we look forward to launching with you.