looking for help in Shopify payment app to proceed with Order creation after redirection

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I have created an app and an app extension of type 'Offsite payment provider'. i have successfully able to install and after installing my payment method is showing on checkout and successfully redirecting to my given URL page.
My issue is that it is neither creating any order in my store upon redirecting user nor sending any webhook for orders/create, (here is it possible to make order with (e.g pending status) when redirecting and then i can update the order after payment success/failure.) and i have configured the webhook as it suppose to be, I am just getting a webhook event only for checkouts/create which doesn't include customer information. Customer information is being received later in another webhook along with payment info but there is no key ID to link data for placing order from both webhooks. 
Do I have to create order myself using API upon redirection or is there any mechanism through which order should be placed automatically based on entered information in checkout with pending payment status as I can update payment status later using order ID as per actual results of payment attempt on my redirected external page. Right now, I cannot create order using API due to incomplete data and non-connecting ID in above webhooks.
kindly help me get it done in order to create an order and payment.

I am looking forward to the complete and recommended best approach in my scenario. 

looking forward to hearing from you.

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