Looking for loyalty app that offers prices based on order frequency

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Hey everyone,

                         We are looking for an app for our trade customers. We don't want to just install an app that shows a set discount or custom price for those who have signed up for an account but instead offers prices/discounts based on how frequently or much the trade customer is ordering/spending over a rolling time period. We understand that a loyalty app would reward based on quantity of orders, but we don't necessarily want their rewards/discounts to reset once redeemed.


So the idea is that we gather a customer's trade account details (name, address, company name, email etc) which we can manually create an account with for our store. Once the account is created and live, the app would have discount/price tiers based on rolling order spend over set time periods. Lets say we sign a new trade customer up and their first order is full RRP. They place 3 orders or spend so much within three months they receive a discounted price tier on continuing orders, they place 10 orders in that 3 months they access another discounted price tier. If their order frequency or spend reduces over the following 3 months then their discount tier changes back to a lower one.


At very least maybe first three orders are full price, 4-10 you get a 5% discount, 11-20 10%, 20+ 20% or similar


I guess we want it to work like this to entice trade customers to keep their spend up, but also so trade customers don't just request to set up an account of cheaper rates and maybe place one order and don't come back.


Any suggestions on apps that do anything similar to this?



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try this maybe it helps https://apps.shopify.com/growave


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@mhlayf1 wrote:

At very least maybe first three orders are full price, 4-10 you get a 5% discount, 11-20 10%, 20+ 20% or similar


Have you looked into discount to customer segments? But people complain they are buggy I'm afraid. But you should definitely be able to create segments based on order number




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