Looking for right apps for bundles + customization + minimum qty

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I'm looking for the right apps to use.  I would like a customer to be able to build a bundle of customizable products.  For example: Customer selects a bundle pack that allows for 4 items.  Item 1 is a customized T-shirt (logo, color, size, etc.)  Item 2 is a customizable mug, item 3 could be a customized baseball cap and item 4 could be a pen.  There should be a minimum qty of "bundles" required to place an order (example: 50 kits).  I was looking at Zakeke as a customizer but I am not sure what bundler to use that would allow for the customization part or to specify minimums.  Can anyone provide some guidance on this? 

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@Synergem ,

While you may find a few bundle app on App Store, however looking at your specific requirement you may want to create a custom solution with a theme customization

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There are very few out there. The mainstream bundle app is preset bundles while there are not many build your own bundle apps. Also, you are looking to integrate with Zakeke with a minimum quantity. Usually, the minimum quantity feature is most likely offered by wholesales app. Most bundle apps don't offer minimum quantity features. I've been testing a lot of them during my development work. 

I think you can give bundle builder a shot. My app is also doing customized product bundling. But your requirement is hard to fulfill.

Instead of praying several apps can work together seamlessly, you may find a developer for this custom work. It will probably save you more time from testing different apps. 

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