loyalty card scheme

loyalty card scheme

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I run an independent running shoe store in the UK and want to set up a loyalty scheme. I want to be able to give physical loyalty cards to my customers that can be scanned at POS and will convert a % of their purchase into points which can be redeemed after (for example) 3 purchases. It would also need to be redeemable on our online store.


Is there such an app that would do this and the cards as well? Obviously cost is a factor as we are only a small business, but I feel a professional loyalty scheme will benefit us.


I’d love some recommendations and/or ways of achieving this based on your experience.


Many thanks.

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Hi @Kazzad 

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Absolutely! There are several options for setting up a loyalty program with physical cards and online integration for your running shoe store in the UK, considering both cost-effectiveness and professionalism. Here are some recommendations:

Loyalty Apps with Physical Cards:

Several Shopify apps offer loyalty programs with physical cards and online redemption capabilities. Here are a few popular choices with varying pricing structures:

  • LoyaltyLion: This app offers a free plan with basic features like points for purchases and tiered rewards. Paid plans unlock features like custom cards, online redemption, and marketing automation.
  • Smile.io: Another popular option with a free plan that includes points for purchases and basic reporting. Paid plans offer additional features like custom cards, tiered rewards, and gamification elements.

Benefits of these Apps:

  • Cost-effective: Freemium options allow you to start basic loyalty programs without upfront investment.
  • Easy to set up: These apps integrate with Shopify and typically have user-friendly interfaces for managing your program.
  • Customization: Paid plans often offer custom card designs and program features to tailor the experience to your brand.
  • Online Integration: Seamless redemption process both in-store (through card scanning) and online.

Hoping my solution helps you solve your problem.

Best regards,

Amelia | PageFly


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Hi @Kazzad ,


Thanks for reaching out to the community with your question. This is MooseDesk - An ideal Helpdesk Solution that aligns perfectly with your Start-up.


Regarding to your question, setting up a loyalty scheme for your product is a great way to build customer loyalty and encourage repeat business. Shopify has several apps that can help you achieve this, including options for physical loyalty cards and integration with your POS system. Here are a few recommendations for:


1. Smile.io

  • Features: Smile.io allows you to create a points-based loyalty program where customers earn points for purchases. These points can be redeemed for rewards in both your physical and online store.
  • Physical Cards: Smile.io integrates with POS systems to allow for physical loyalty cards.
  • Cost: They offer a free plan with basic features and paid plans starting at around $49/month.

2. LoyaltyLion


  • Features: LoyaltyLion provides a comprehensive loyalty program that includes points for purchases, referrals, and other customer actions. It integrates well with Shopify POS and online stores.
  • Physical Cards: They support physical loyalty cards and POS integration.
  • Cost: Pricing starts at around $159/month, but they offer a small business plan that might be more affordable.

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