Loyalty Programs linking to Subscription programs

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Hi - I'm currently using a rewards / loyalty app and a subscription app.  These two apps do not integrate so I manually have to refund customers who have earned points but use subscriptions.  Does anyone know if there are any apps or ways that I can have it so customers can easily apply their rewards to their subscriptions?  I've seen a few companies such as smile / recharge that integrate but the process is not very user friendly and I know customers won't use the feature.

Currently I'm spending too much of my time manually refunding past subscription orders when a customer has earned a reward.  Love to find a way for a reward to say "Apply to my autoship", w/out customers having to copy / paste discount codes.

Any thoughts?

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Subscription orders are automatically placed, or they need of a checkout (on customer's side)?

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Hello @Nsicely,


It is a common situation when two different apps don't sync with each other, so the best way is to integrate them with the help of a Shopify developer who can make them work together properly following your requirements.


My team can help you. Please, let me know if you need any assistance.



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Hi Anastasia ~  I certainly would be open to working with developer to accomplish this.
I will send you an email.

Thank you.