Made to Order Inventory based on design inventory with size variants

Made to Order Inventory based on design inventory with size variants

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I'm starting out selling shirts and apparel. I typically order my designs and make the shirts to order (meaning I order the size the customer needs after their order is placed). I'm looking for solution that limits available inventory to the number of designs I have on hand, but still allows the customer to choose their size variant. Any apps or inventory settings welcome!

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Are you using any POD service for that? I am asking because the major ones (printful, printify, etc) have native Shopify integrations

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No, I am actually designing my own graphics and pressing them on shirts myself, but thanks for the clarification!

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Hi @megs14,

Consider using the Easify Product Options app, which offers a free plan, to streamline your process. You can create Size options within the app rather than as separate Shopify variants. This allows you to adjust the main product's quantity based on your available designs, eliminating the need to set specific quantities for each size variant 🤗.



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Absolutely! To manage your shirt and apparel business efficiently, consider setting up SKUs on both Shopify and Amazon based on design and size. With this structure in place, you can seamlessly use the Amazon MCF by WebBee app to map and manage SKUs, ensuring accurate tracking and fulfillment. 


This way, you maintain control over your available inventory while still allowing customers to choose their desired size variant.

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