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Maintain User Session Across App

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Hi there,
I have created a Custom Shopify App using Laravel, What I want to do is maintain user(store) session across the app.

App Flow:

Once the merchant installs App, his/her shop details are saved in database with API key, Secret key and Access token.

What I'm doing now is getting the shop name through shop parameter from URL on the first route of App and log in the user. So I get the Authenticated user(store) on first route like this,



Like above, store name appears for this store, it appears for all the other stores as well because those stores are authenticated manually on first route, but as I navigate to 'Test page' route, from the menu, below the shop name, It expires the user session and I've got no shop parameter so that I can log in this user again on next route, I tried saving sessions and setting shop name as cookie parameter so that I can access the shop name in other routes and use it further but shopify doesn't saves session or store cookies in App, I think if I could only get the shop name on every route, I can then handle the App flow and perform action for that specific user(store) like creating product, generating order with shop access token, etc. I'm stuck in middle of this.

I need assistance in this regard, any help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

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