Manage an inventory stock based on calendar days

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I'm running a small fresh cheese production and my production and sales processes work as follow:

- we produce 2 times per week a small batch of cheese (let's say 100 cheeses on monday and 100 cheeses on friday) and we deliver the cheese right after the production.
- customers order online the cheese and decide in the same moment if to get it on monday or friday

I still haven't found a solution/app on Shopify that helps me to manage a stock days-driven: e.g. I need to select a stock of 100 cheeses for Monday and once it goes to zero, customer do not have to be allowed to buy on that Monday.

Does anybody have a suggestion or similar issue?

I will be grateful to hear from you.

Thank you,

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Hi @Francescomik,

I am nik from Konigle and we can solve this problem of yours of managing stock that are days driven. This is quite a niche that we have built in our app.

I think our app Konigle will be a great fit for your requirement.We would love to give you a demo and showcase the value that we can drive for your business.

We are currently working with multiple small businesses/ manufacturers who sell both online and offline -on shopify and otherwise as well.

Link to our App: On Shopify App store is as below:-

Apart from the inventory/stock management our app also provides various other functionalities which can help you streamlining your operations.The access to the app helps you do a lot more, with

  • inventory control alerts
  • collaboration over an order and order management
  • shipment management
  • payment tracking alerts
  • abandoned cart alerts 
  • Analytics

We also offer a free trial along with (24*7) support over email/chat/phone to help you set up.Do let me know your thoughts on taking this discussion ahead..(my coordinates-in signature)

Would love to hear back from you.

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Do you have your site setup with a date selector during ordering? If so and you are capturing this data we can import your orders and count against maximum inventory levels you decide and push the updated available inventory back to Shopify. The issue you would have is there is no way of differentiating your inventory levels between days if your product is one listing.

It would probably be easier and something you could do without any additional development if you just set up your days as variants of the product so this would allow you to track inventory individually. You can then reset this amount after each order fulfilment.

In the end the possible solution will be dependent on how your product data is currently set up.



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