Managing Access to Facility Similar to Gym in Shopify

Managing Access to Facility Similar to Gym in Shopify

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Been deep diving into the App Store for a way to generate customed barcode or captcha for subscribers aka members to facility to scan at check in - that lets staff know their memeship is VALID or EXPIRED - need interval billing which is auto renewed for various pricing tiers / durations - that we can sell to customers online and instore.

Essentially - recurring payment management at intervals set buy me - as items I can sell to enroll in store and online -

Then provide customer their personalized barcode/captcha onsite or digitally immediately -

For them to then use to access facility when physically coming in to skate

That when they scan their barcode/captcha at check in - it alerts staff to validity of their enrollment - VALID or EXPIRED


and of course we could roll out layers of customer loyalty retention through various spending tiers that could even include FREE access to enjoy the skatepark as an amenity to their purchasing with us

Interval subscription software is out there - lots of bad reviews on most though


It seems like it would require 3 apps to do this - possibly 4 as their is a facial recognition app for adult internet sales - but that’s not what we do


we are trying to modernize the indoor skatepark experience -


can anyone help me?

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Here are two apps that have some of these needed functionalities 

Barcodify - Customer Selector

POS Membership

Shopify Partner
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Hi There,

I'm not aware of anything existing that will do all of this in one app.

We build custom Shopify apps though, if you wanted to go down that path (


From what I gather, you'd probably want a simple mobile app for the customer as well, so they can easily display a QR code which could be scanned. You'd probably need a phone or device on reception that could scan the QR code and display their subscription status etc. 


If you're interested in chatting about a custom app, let me know at and we can organise a time to go over the details.

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