Many functions needed looking for the app that can do as many of these things as possible!

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Hello Shopify community! I'm trying to work smarter rather than harder here and apps get expensive (from a cost and code-bloat perspective) fast when you keep piling them on. I'm looking for the most elegant solution to meet the below needs. I'm interested in app suggestions including apps that would work 'out of box' and as well as apps that could possibly be leveraged or customized but would provide a good launch pad for getting me where I want to be.


Here's what I'm looking for in an app(s).

1.) Organize variant images cleanly

Currently I've tried to have my developer write custom code to filter variants so that only the product images matching the selected variant are displayed. He has done it so you can select the color of a couch and only that color will show in the thumbnails, however if you are scrolling through the images they will scroll out of the selected color variant and start showing non-selected colors, and at that point the customer could be looking at a BLUE couch while the variant selector says RED. I would like it to be impossible to be looking at a picture that does not reflect images of the selected variant.


2.) Be used for product upsells

I will want to assign product specific upsells, so if someone puts a couch in their cart they get shown pillows to go with it. This one is pretty straightforward.


3.) Be used for shipping upsells (like white glove)

Some things I sell are large and I would like to offer the option for upgraded shipping options. In this case I may be upselling products AND shipping services for a single product.


4.) Be used for 1-2 customizations on products

I also have some products that can be customized, so for a fire fire pit I may want to provide options that are required for them to select to make a purchase, such as tile color and material they want.


5.) Put video in product image feed

In my product photos that are showing only those for the selected variant, I want to be ably to display videos as well. I don't yet know if Shopify does this natively but I don't think so.


6.) Have messages on product pages applied by COLLECTION with discount codes, and have them in a different area than the rest of the upsell or variant management
I have the below coupon code section custom developed into my site. However at the moment this is a global setting, I go in and change the text and it shows up here for every single product. I would like to be able to accomplish the same thing, have the coupon code text show up in this exact spot on the page, but be able to have more control over having different codes show on different product pages. IDEALLY I could assign these to display at the COLLECTION level, so that I could give one discount code to all FURNITURE SETS and another discount code to all FIRE PITS. If I have to assign the code at a product level it would be very time consuming to update every single one each week when I change the code and date (to create urgency)

Screen Shot 2022-02-17 at 8.19.51 PM.png

If it's helpful to reference this is my site:


Any feedback would be appreciated THANKS!

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I'm pretty sure the item #1.) Organize variant images cleanly can be easily handled by this filter app as it shows the corresponding variant image when you select a variant filter like Color.