Marketplace Connect: only products that are active to be synced.

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Good morning,
I have a shop connected to my Amazon account so that I can always have the products synchronized using the "Marketplace Connect" app.
I would like only products that are active to be synced.
How can I do?
The support explained to me that it is not possible to use the formulas.

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Shopify Staff
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Josh here from Marketplace Connect Support.


If you want to work only on products set to Active on your Shopify catalog, you can use the Filter button on the top-right of either mode of the Listings tab. Look for the Shopify Status filter and leave only Active ticked. Likewise, you can tick only Archived and Draft, and make sure that each item that appears after the filter is applied has an Offer Sync set to Inactive.


For further assistance, feel free to reach us any time by sending an email to or by clicking on the Chat button on the lower-right portion of the app.