Matrixify stuck on importing blogs, every time

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Hi, I followed Matrixify's steps exactly in their guide, also tried some variations like without a Dry run or adding more data to the CSV. Nothing works, it's either stuck at 2 out of +500, or 11 out of +500 rows.


Other imports went just fine.


What to do? Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Screenshot 2024-05-11 at 10.20.45.png

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Hello @JaapGrolleman 


Renars here from Matrixify.


When the app generates an Excel file from WordPress data we try to download the images listed in the Body HTML content within the HTML code.

This is needed to migrate also images within the content of the blog posts otherwise those I'mages would still point to the WordPress site after migration.


This is where it seems to get "stuck". The job is actually not stuck and is moving along trying and retrying to download those images, just that there are many many images and the WordPress server is returning errors for them.

Trying to even open one such link manually in the browser returns an error "We cannot complete this request, remote server returned an unexpected status code (400)"


I cannot send a more exact example as this is a public forum.

To look further into the issue, it would be best to reach out to our support directly.


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