Maximum number of items for a discount code?

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Is there an app which allows me to add a maximum number of items that a discount code can be applied to?


I'm looking for almost the exact same functionality that Shopify has with the limit on how many times a discount code can be used, but instead of a use limit, I need a product number limit.


For context, I would like to be able to give a customer x amount of items for free using a 100% off discount code.

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Hey, did you ever receive an answer to this question? I have a similar question.



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I use minmaxify for the purpose.  I have  certain scenarios where I offer a free item and i use the mixmaxify tool to set a max quantity (typically 1) in the cart so the cust cant just load up on free items.

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Is it possible in 2023? It's only possible to set the minimum quantity in a discount but my client is looking for the limit of exact number

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Currently looking for the same thing. I’m so tired of every. Little. Thing. Being an add on app. 

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Did you happen to find a solution?