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Hi team, we’re launching a new services business and looking for the right membership portal as all our services are monthly reoccurring services and we’ll need the customers to have their own portal.


We’re considering building this on shopify to leverage of the apps and tools such as Klaviyo, honeycomb Up sell apps, Affiliate apps, seamless payment and checkout, ease of use and gift cards and discount codes… the missing part is the membership portal.


Some of the key features required would be:

  • Signup / Subscription Landing page
  • Products and Subscriptions plans & payment options


Which seems like many apps can provide, which is great, however we also need a more customisable customer portal where they could:


  • View & manage order billing & subscriptions
  • Ability to have an intro video on the landing page (in portal not a link to youtube,…)
  • Ability to have a section or tab for members to review upload/download files & reports
  • Ability to have a native Inbox tab on their portal to ask questions, send info… attachments, new requirements (in portal not a link to slack,… )  

We assessed few of the app’s customer portal and it seems to have only the billing & order part… could you please advise if you’re familiar with any app that can provide a fully customisable Client portal that we could reach out to?  
Thank you


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To clarify, you'd have your users go to your website to buy a subscription, and what you're offering is the ability for them to create their own landing page with video, and file uploads/reports with their own customers, have their own inbox to communicate with their own customers, etc? Or, is the inbox, upload/download files, etc. communication with you/your company?

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I don't think it could have everything you need, but have a look at the app in my signature and its integrations with other apps (like Subscription apps) to show it all on the account page.


The app will replace the account page with a widget that contains different sections like profile, addresses, orders. It is also possible to add custom pages, and custom forms. A custom form would allow you to receive different information from your customers and store it in customer metafields, not sure if this would meet your needs entirely but perhaps it's worth considering.

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