Membership based plugin that allows for free trial + %X discount code on X number of payments

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I am using Appstle app for memberships - everything is set up but I am building a fitness membership platform. 

Free trials are important - so it's set up to be 14 days. I also want to be able to offer users a x% discount on X number of renewals. I know Woo Subscriptions does this and wanted to see if there was a Shopify equivelant that works with this app or if there was another one. 


Some use cases: 

1. 14 Day Free trial for everyone who signs up to try the platform 

2. We offer those who were members of our previous website 2 months free with code VIP20 - for the first 2 payments 

3. Or we offer 15% discount code for people to share with their network so they get 15% off the first month after the trial. 



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