Merchant Center products uploaded through the Google Shopping app have been pending for 3 weeks

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Like the title says, my products have been stuck on 'approving product date for 3 weeks.  (I've been having this issue for months, but 3 weeks ago I did a feed re-import as suggested by Google support, but that fixed nothing.)

Al products are pending- should take 3 days as stated at the bottom.Al products are pending- should take 3 days as stated at the bottom.

Shopify support has checked that my account settings and tags are in order, so the problem should be with Merchant Center. But Google support tells me to simply wait it out, as they 'can't escalate the issue due to the current situation'.

Iam not the first person with this error to write on this forum. However, In this person's case, Google fixed the issue after contacting them. In my case I get told to wait because there are long delays due to COVID. I find it hard to believe such a delay could take 3 weeks, when usual times are maximum 72 hours.

Has anyone else been having this issue? Does this mean some of my settings are wrong? I wonder why Google wouldn't just disapprove the products. I would be so grateful for anything that brings me closer to solving this. Thanks for reading.

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Mine has been banned for three months due to errors in the content API crawled from the Google Shopping app.

No solutions.

I'll warn you not to delete the app and reinstall as that had the problem of deleting all integration to Google Ads and stopped conversion tracking.

Reinstalling did not change it. I then had to manually add Google conversion tracking.

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This is an accepted solution.

Update: I switched to a paid sync app and one week later google called me saying that the problem had been fixed. All my products have been synced now.

I was told that it had nothing to do with me or the app, but there was an error in my merchant center syncing. They had to do a manual revision, which they were unable to perform being out of due office due to COVID19.


So, in theory, I could switch back to Google Shopping as it's free, I'm kind of scared off messing everything up again though... 

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Thanks for sharing your update.  I am in a similar situation with the product approval process going on 3 weeks.  Can you share the name of the paid app you opted for?


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Glad to know that your issue has been solved. We have developed an app, Easy Google Shopping Feed app by AdNabu for Shopify. Some of the features of our app include: 

  • The product-specific score for every product & recommendations to increase the score & most likely your performance in Google Shopping
  • Metafield mapping to customize every single attribute of Google Shopping Feed
  • Faster update of Google Shopping Feed with unlimited manual syncing

In case you are interested you can have a look, your feedback would mean a lot to us.

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Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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Paid App synch never worked for me, in fact nothing did but time.

Many of us went through these types of problems.

My solution?

Spend a couple 100k on Google Ads, they eventually send you a dedicated representative, then they look at your account and "unflag" it for whatever nonsense it was put under.

During peak covid they had restrictions on lots of products and new vendors.

Was just a part of starting a business during peak times.

With enough time and money, you can build connections, and then they'll help you.

I'm sure 50% of the time its coding related with a simple fix, don't discount that, but the other 50% of the time there's nothing you can do.


I'm sure of this because my exact products were being listed by my distributor on Google Shopping (they were vetted, an old account) while we waiting for ours to get "unflagged".


Best of luck to you out there.