Merchants: Would You Find Value In An App That Helps You Optimize Your Pricing?

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Hello 👋,


I am doing some research for a project and I would really appreciate getting feedback from potential users. 🙂

Just like the pure players do (Amazon, Uber, etc.), would you like to be able to easily make price variations based on data and AI?


Here is an example of a toothbrush price history sold on Amazon (tracked with Keepa):



As merchants, how do you cope with determining when it is the right time to change your prices?


Would you use a pricing variation plugin to help you decide?


This plugin would:

  • Analyze and learn from multiple sources of data (your analytics, your competitors’ prices, diverse price histories, consumer trends, dramatical events, etc.).
  • Suggest when and why you should change your prices.
  • Learn from your own decisions over time.


Thank you very much for your time.


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I believe this would be a huge benefit to anyone that has a store. I have used some other pricing research that has been decent, but they are very expensive!