Metafields-Add accordion/tabs on specific products within a very large list of product fast and easy

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Does someone knows an app that allows you to add accordions under product description without having to search the product within the list each time?


We have hundreds of products and adding accordion one by one would take almost a year. We are currently using the theme Prestige and their team presented an app called SuperFields that allows you to add 3 accordions by selecting the product and click on "other task" to find the app, which is a life saver function.


The problem is : we plan to try a new theme called Symmetry, which has not been created by the developpers of Prestige and SuperFields, thus this app won't work on Symmetry since it is a OS2 theme and not one of their native theme they told me.


So my question is : is there an app that would allow me to add as many accordions as I want and that makes adding metafields on specific products fast and easy like the app SuperFields (and which works on Symmetry or other) ? The other apps I found so far make me search the specific product by scrolling down on my product list, which is not convenient in my case because there are hundreds of them.


Thank you in advance.

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Hi, Please reach out to me at and we will help you out for free on this!