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Metafields not showing anymore in the API

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Hi ! I'm reaching here after multiple failed tries in the basic support. I do not know if it's a bug known OR happened in any other store. Here's the problem: on a store my agency is working on, we've got product metafields, everything was going fine until like 3 days ago and we could add/remove metafields etc.. But after the "bug" we can still create metafields and we can get their value in liquid code and they do show in the admin, where it goes wrong is when we try to pass by the API, so for exemple if I go in my '/admin/products/{ProductID}/metafields.json' newly added (since the last 3 days) metafields won't show up anymore. So in the admin I could have 10 metafields but when going in the API, I only get 7. Did it happen to anyone else or our store is just broken ?

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Not directly related, but I'm having some really random cases where a metafield created via GraphQL is not returned until some time later. Still investigating. Did you get any information about your issue?