Migrate from the existing App to Shopify Remix

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I have created a Shopify Embedded App using Shopify App bridge V3, Polaris, React, Laravel, and MySQL. Authentication, authorization, and webhook creation are all done on the Laravel side. Once a Shopify store is connected to my app, I generate a JWT token and store it in the Shopify Embedded App. All endpoints are then called from Laravel using the JWT token.


Now, Shopify is using the Shopify Remix App, where authentication occurs inside the app itself. Is it possible to pass the access token to my server after the app is installed and create a JWT token from Laravel to store in the Shopify Embedded App? Then, all endpoints could be called from my server using the JWT token to display app details such as billing, customer info, and order info. Or do I have to handle everything in the Remix App only? Either way, I need to call some endpoints from my server. How can I solve this in the Remix App? Thanks.

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