Mirakl platform app for Shopify?

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Hello Shopify Community - Looking to see if there are any app / integrations out there to use Mirakl with a Shopify store; Not so much for uploading product (although that's essential) but more so for managing order tracking and commission payouts to our various platform vendors, sellers, etc.  Looking forward to any input available!  

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Did you ever find one? Looking at building a custom solution for a client but we'd prefer to find a 3rd party solve.

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I have the same challenge, just found this for anyone still looking - https://apps.shopify.com/mirakl-marketplaces-app

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We built some tools to help automate fulfilment from Mirakl marketplace orders from multiple marketplaces to our various warehouses on FBA (fulfilment by Amazon), shopify and others (and once tracking number is on shopify / Amazon, we take it and mark it as fulfilled on Mirakl shop). We also automated invoice generation, as some mirakl marketplaces like Decathlon require a seller to make it manually for each order. While we may only have part of what you look for, we are building a dashboard to manage more, and we would love to hear from you if there are anything we can build to fit your requirements. You can reach us at https://sellintu.com/ and we hope to have an official Shopify app on the marketplace up soon.

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Does your software also sync order modifications / or returns?

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Our software does also sync order modifications yes, with clarification in email. We made a page to give a bit more information about what it does, and a FAQ here: https://sellintu.com/automate-marketplace-fulfilment-with-integration/mirakl-shopify-integration/ - will probably need some work as we go along, and more questions come up. 

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Finally, this just announced... 

"Shopify merchants will be able to expand their commerce businesses, both by selling through Mirakl-powered marketplace platforms and by launching their own enterprise marketplace platforms"



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HI Brendanedesk,


I am researching MIRAKLE using your link and information I got from linkedin. It seems to me that it provides a function for linking 3rd party marketplaces such as Channel Advisor and Anchanto. Are there any specialized functions for MIRAKLE that I don't know about?





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Hi, we used this integration and it works seamlessly: https://en.duxly.nl/producten/koppel-mirakl-met-shopify