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I've been trying to find an app that fits my needs but can't find anything that is able to fulfil both my requirements 

1) I need an app where I can do quantity breaks but they are only on a given quantity or a multiple of that quantity i.e. £1.99 for a product or 3 for £5.00. Then I require the app to only apply the discount of 7.87% on the 3 but the 4th one is charged at the original price, meaning you would pay £6.99 for 4. (3 for £5 + £1.99)

2) App allows for the above over a range of products (i.e. 3 for £5 across selected products).

I have found an app that is able to fulfil one or the other but not both.

The apps I've used so far: QD by tengrowth handles point 2 well but not point1

And Quantity breaks/discounts  by Amai works well for point1 but can't do point1.

Apologies for the long question but if anyone has any recommendations on an app that does both, that would be great.

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Hey @Amgo28 

My new Shopify app BYOB can support buying Any X products from a collection for $Y. When 3 products are selected, it's turned into a single variant and added to the cart. Please check the sample page for your reference. 

Feel free to give me any feedback!

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Hey Amgo28,

on my shop i use MIMAC.

it does a lot what you describe, - surely not 100% allo 🙂 as it will never do, but works great with variants, which is super rare on Shopify.

Try it our yourself: https://kerbholz.com/pages/mixmatch