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Mix and Match Bundle app

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Hi - I have looked at a number of pages worth of bundles but still cannot find the right app to use. The closest is Jozi- Mix and Match but I am not a fashion store.


We have coffee store and have 4 collections (coffee machine, grinder, coffee beans and accessories)

We want to create a bundle where users looking to buy a machine can select their own grinder, coffee beans and accessories. 

For example: Customer likes Earth Coffee Machine.

Now he/she can create her own bundle:
Choose a Grinder: Pick 1 from Grinder 1, Grinder 2 Grinder 3
Choose a Coffee: Pick 1 from Strong Beans, Medium Beans, Mild Beans
Choose a Acessories: Pick 1 from Cleaner, Cleaning cloth, apron

Is there any app out there that can do this?


Many of the current bundles apps are the same, you select 3-4 items and submit. Then it shows that entire bundle underneath but you cannot distinguish the collections, just items.....
Can some please help, many thanks!

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You could achieve this set up using the additional options as variants.

So every variant would contain the main product and if user selects one of the variant options the price changes and that added product is also included in order. If you want to force the user to select one of each option then the first variant would be set to one if not you have the first variant to state not included.

In terms of inventory you would have to kit up the products and our platform allows you to do this so when the order comes in we actually split it down to the components.

If you would like us to show you and demonstrate the setup send me an email to



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Hey, @hkpghkpg 

There are a couple of bundling apps I think will suit your needs. Specifically, I do know that the Bundle Builder app allows you to have a multi-step bundle building experience. Where each 'step' you can have a set list of items that the customer can add. In your case, you can make a step for the grinder, coffee, and then accessories. Keeping it organized and neat.

Let me know if this helps! If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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My new app BYOB can help you do so. We support picking Any X product from collection A and Any Y product from collection B and get a discount. You can take a look at the sample page

Let me know if it's suitable for you!

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maybe this is something for you?