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Mix and match bundle app

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Hi everyone, really hope someone can help! 

I am trying to create a bundle offer and I'm wondering which app is best to do it. 

I want to have a collection page featuring all the small size variants of our products (around 30) and when a customer adds 4 of these specific mini variants to cart they will get them at a set price (for example £20 for 4, or £5 per product). When the customer goes to their cart they'll see the 4 products and the discount. Ideally when they're browsing they need to be able to click through to the product page for more information. 

I'm really struggling to find an app that can do this - has anyone had any luck with an app and offer like this? Is it something that there's no other option but to custom code? 

Any help/thoughts/suggestions/ideas would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

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@wearemkls ,

Did you look at's bundle builder? If you don't find any suitable app you can get it created through custom code

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App Selly can help you to offer quantity - mix & match discount too:

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We launched a new app, Simple Discounts that can do what you mentioned. It super simple to set up. Here's a help doc as well as a video to walk you through it:

This allows your customers to choose a specific number of products from a collection and get a discount. 

Let me know if I can help further! 😄

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