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I've heard many people raved about the mobile commerce trends, made some research and many market reports said that mobile convert better than website, I also want to build a mobile app for my store.
Does Shopify have an app for that? And which one is good and affordable since I don't have a huge budget for this.

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Hey Vipi,


Yes, totally. Mobile commerce (m-commerce in some circles) is a big wave. Here's a good article that touts the benefits of a mobile app over web in todays' e-commerce world. The data is strong.


Shopify themselves do not offer a mobile app offering, but there are many apps on their app store that do (called "mobile app builders"). Unfortunately, they're generally a bit expensive for what you get out of them and most still don't really give you a mobile app that feels like a modern piece of technology.


That's what led us to build Hex, which has the lowest starting cost and has an upscale design, leveraging decades of experience in big tech. It sounds like it'd be a good fit for you.


Reach out to us at and we can hook you up with a special discount and help you get your app configured. Just mention this post.


Looking forward to working with you. Cheers!
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Hi there!


We have a solution – you can convert your Shopify shore into a mobile app (iOS or/and Android) just by using Natively





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