Monthly Digital Download Setup - Craft Theme

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I am trying to do something so simple but cannot figure out how to do this. I have tried Shopify subscriptions and seal subscription with no luck.


I am a type designer who sells fonts. On my website I have two tabs, one for typefaces and one for a font club. The font club is where I am offering font products for $x per month. This monthly service includes:


  • Access to one new font I will upload each month 
  • Access to any other font in this font club tab

Each month I will send an email via mail chimp with an update saying "hey here is the new font of the month, download it here by joining Font Club and also get access to downloading any other fonts from the Font Club". How can I set this up? I am using the digital downloads app to hold each font product file. Just need something that can help me set up this monthly thing. I am seeking something where I don't need multiple apps, something low cost if possible. Any help is super appreciated. Thanks so much. 

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