Multi-app discount issue

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Hi all.

We run a store that services retail and wholesale customers.

we use one set of SKU codes, but utilise the "wholesale pricing discount" app to discount (50%) the retail price for wholesale customers. This works correctly.

Recently created a GWP promo using "EasyGift: Auto Add to Cart" and encountered an issue.

the promo is a choice of products that are free of charge when you spend over X dollar value.

shopify website only recognises the full retail price, so to set the wholesale dollar trigger value set in GWP is 50% of retail. This works correctly - the products pop up when you hit the trigger value, you can select one, it is added to the cart for $0.

however, when you go to pay, the full price is displayed and calculated - the automatic discount set up in shopify has not been triggered - yet all conditions are met.

I think this may be related to the wholesale price app/a global "only one discount applies" setting?

any help would be appreciated - and apologies if my description is confusing.


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