Multilingual Review App with auto-translation to other languages

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Hi there,


I translated my store with Translate & Adapt by Shopify into 10 languages.

I have review app installed before (to capture german reviews). Now i am struggeling on how to show the correct languages to the different sites for my reviews.

Idealy when a new review comes in it gets auto-translated to all other languages and displays there correctly.


I looked now for quite some time to find a review app which is compatible with translate & adapt, but unfortunately i had no luck so far... 
Did anyone deal with the same problem here? Would really be beneficial to show reviews in the correct language.


Thanks, tom

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I have this problem too! any update on your side? I'm trying to find a translation app that can work alongside Translate & adapt and use it just for the reviews.

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I'd recommend using Langify alongside Translate & Adapt to translate your reviews.


Langify has a feature called Custom Content which you can use to translate 3rd party app content:


Here's an example:


I want to translate the review body of one of my reviews which says

"Great customer service. I am very pleased. Thank you for my new products that arrived today."


from English to German:




I'd just have to add this text to Langify -> Custom -> Product Pages first:





Once done I can auto-translate it by clicking on the green "auto-translate" button on the top right:





After switching the language to German my translation shows up as expected:




Please note that once you've added at least one custom content to e.g. Langify -> Custom -> Product Pages you'd have to click on the three-dot icon on the top right to add more custom content if you want to do so:





There you'll be able to add as many custom content as once as you want:


vHosWzQDuQVScTcaZaPAZVzxQNh0RZud9g (1).png


Please note that you can auto-translate your reviews as shown above however you'd still have to manually add the custom content to Langify.


In my experience, Langify works best with