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As we all know, Shopify only allows one automatic discount at a time, BUT it works perfectly for what I need. Is there an app that works exactly like the shopify automatic discount?

Here is an example from my store:

I have products with different prices. The discount amount I want to add will be different (about 6 different ones) depending on the product. I have tried a few apps, but they perform differently then shopify's. 

I need it to look just like the link above... "MSRP $ 995.00 - See your price in Cart." You don't see anything until you actually add to cart, then it is automatically done there. Thank you!

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Hope this app might help you as I have been using it. I'm really satisfied with it and wish you will be too. 

The name is: Ultrasell

Shopify Partner
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Hi touchups !

I developed an app which can do exactly what you are looking for, it's name is "DiscountDuck"

It allows to create automatic discounts the same way as Shopify does but you can create as many discounts as you want and stack them at checkout.

You can also create stackable coupon codes and quantity breaks offers with a nice widget.

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You can find the app and try it for FREE here : 

Feel free to contact me if you need help 😉